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eUpdate June 2008  

Dear Kim,


It is hard to believe that the 2007-2008 school year is over.  Today we welcome the Graduating class of 2008 to a family of Pointer alumni that goes back 82 years.  They continue the proud legacy of Point Loma High that we all share.  Once a Pointer, Always a Pointer! 


In this Issue:

~PLHSFAA awards scholarships to graduating seniors.

~Interview with rising stars The Reading Brothers         

 (Eric and Chris PLHS '86)

~Reunion info



Have a wonderful summer!   

Kim Melhorn Jessop '73

Executive Director PLHSFAA



College-bound Pointers Awarded PLHSFAA Scholarships thanks to donors!

Bennie Edens Scholarship 



Larry Zeiger congratulates Blaise O'Dell (SDSU), recipient of the first annual Zeiger Scholars award.


 Many years ago, the PLHS Alumni Association began a long-standing tradition of awarding scholarships to graduating seniors. Today, the PLHSFAA has remained committed to this important way for Pointers to connect past, present and future, and each year the number of scholarships we are able to award  has increased.  In addition, more and more Pointer alums are being remembered or honored through Commemorative Scholarships donated by friends and family and administered through the PLHSFAA.  (If you have questions about bequests or commemorative giving, contact Kim at PLHSFAA Office).
On June 5, 2008 the PLHSFAA was proud to award over $12,000 in scholarships to the following Pointer seniors:
PLHSFAA 4-year College/University Scholarship  ($1000)
Dareatha Odom (SDSU)
Rebecca Holman (RIT)
Carolynn  DuBois (Univ. of  Redlands)
Laurel McKay (Cal Poly)
Jonathan Cardeiro (Cal State Pomona)
PLHSFAA 2-year Community College Scholarship ($500)
Megan Clauson (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising)
Lacey Peacock (Mesa College)
Charles Lopez (Mesa College)
Rosalia Ubando (Grossmont College)
In addition, Commemorative Scholarships were awarded to:
Alex Blair (SDSU) - $1000 Donald Fuller '65 Memorial Scholarship
Devon Zink (Santa Barbara City College) - $445 Donald Fuller Memorial Scholarship
Briana Hernadez (St. Mary's College) - $1500 Joe and Jackie Kovic Scholarship
Daniel DaVila (USC) - $1000 Jeremy Dawe '96 Memorial Scholarship
Thomas Dobbs (UC Berkeley) - $1000 Bennie Edens Memorial Schol. (first annual)
Blaise O'Dell ( SDSU) - $500 Larry Zeiger Scholars Award (first annual)
You CAN make a difference in the life of a fellow Pointer by helping them achieve their academic goals beyond high school. Donate to the PLHSFAA Scholarship fund at.  Scholarships (Donations are still being accepted to the Bennie Edens Memorial Scholarshipand Larry Zeiger Scholars funds in addition to the General Scholarship fund.)    

Bennie Edens Scholarship 08To establish a Commemorative Scholarship (as an individual or by coordinating efforts of a group of classmates), please contact Kim at the PLHSFAA office:  PLHSFAA Office

Bill Settles awards first annual Bennie Edens scholarship to Thomas Dobbs (UC Berkeley)




The Reading Brothers, Chris and Eric '86         an interview by Larry Zeiger 


Last month the Point Loma community enjoyed a very special concert by Pointer alums Chris and Eric Reading '86, fast rising professional musicians now living in Nashville.   The PL concert was one stop in a cross-country tour hosted by Borders bookstores to benefit Multiple Myeloma Research, a cause near to their hearts. 
Having the Readings perform back in their hometown was a special treat for all.  Former teacher Larry Zeiger interviewed them for this eUpdate.
Read more about the Readings and watch a video of an impromptu O'Hare aiport jam session at:
The Readings 
Airport Concert
ERIC - Our father is musical and is a lifelong piano player and singer.  The love of music was instilled early on, listening and singing along to soundtracks like Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles.  Once we found a way to tap into our personal strengths and interests, we were hooked.
CHRIS - We always loved singing, but never really knew we could could.  I started really wanting to sing during my senior year of college.  I formed a band and formally took lessons in San Diego in 1993 - the rest is history!!! My best moment was when I realized a song we created elicited emotions from our audience - that is really what a song should do.
LZ - When did you develop a passion for the arts?
ERIC - It was the life-changing moment of losing our mother to Cancer which made us decide to pursue our goals of music passionately - that moment  really solidified our desire to explore our creative lives.
LZ - What is your  greatest accomplishment or personal accomplishment?
CHRIS - My greatest inspiration is everyday life - my kids, my family, and my environment.
Eric - My relationship with my family.
LZ - Your National Tour sponsored by Borders Books raised tens of thousands of dollars for Multiple Myeloma Research.  What will you remember most about the tour.
CHRIS - Seeing the Tour come to fruition and meeting the people we touched was the greatest joy.
ERIC  - I will remember the look in the eyes of the people who are going through the battle of their lives, or supporting someone who is. They were as touched as were we.
LZ What are some of the greatest memories you have of Point Loma High when you attended?
ERIC - The greatest memories all involve spending time with the lifelong friends we made at PL.  Often times, it was the last few minutes of each class when we had time to relax, laugh, and interact, before we were off to the next class.  The football and baseball games, especially when we were competing was a unique experience.  And of course, Larry Zeiger's class production.  We were playing baseball and had many friends in the show, and we were able to come after practices to help out on the show. It was amazing to see so many friends express their creative and musical talent.
CHRIS - Point Loma memories - too many to list!!!  It was a good!
LZ - What would you like to tell the students of today who are currently enrolled at Point Loma High?
CHRIS - Genuinely believe in yourself.  Take chances.  Don't let the fear of failure paralyze you.  And always remain humble - it keeps you working for more.
ERIC - To the students of today - believe it or not  - you are on one of the earliest rungs of the ladder of life.  Some decisions you make now may have a huge impact on your life, good or bad.  Do your best to understand the difference - and then simply take a little leap of faith.


Reunion Updates


Reunion chairs are busy making plans for summer and fall events! Go to  REUNIONS  for the most current information. 


If you have not heard from your event coordinators they may not have current contact information for you.  Please send your current info to the Reunions address above.


(If you know of an event being planned for a class year not listed here please have the event coordinators contact us so we can help get the word out!)




In Memoriam:

Pointer Dog

Bill Foran '45
Frederick M. Leon '44
Roxanne Pike '70
Rose Meza Ferguson  '50
Robert Beyrer '57
Amy Temple Ridpath '42
Barbara Kathryn Blee Carlyle '53
Mary Lord  '77

Once a Pointer, Always a Pointer.




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