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January 2010




Dear Pointer,

Happy New Year! 

2010 marks Point Loma High's 85th year and we are hoping for a Gala celebration this fall.  Read about our plans, and our need for a chairperson below.

We have just finished a full week of the worst series of rain storms San Diego has seen in over 20 years.  And while we enjoy a little weather once in a while, we native San Diegans do not 'do' a full week of heavy rain and wind well.  But even with trees down, surf up, flooding, mudding, and power outages, a bit of sunshine would peek through the clouds for a moment each day between waves of rain...and a couple of surfers could be found atop their boards waiting for that one set of monstrous waves with just the right shape and curl to ride.  (As I type this a rare San Diego hailstorm is slamming into the windows of my office!)

Enjoy whatever weather winter brings your way!




Fudruckers Fundraiser to benefit PLHS Pointer Association!


Local alums, gather your classmates, enjoy dinner out, and show your Pointer spirit!
Thursday January 28th from 6-9pm
Fudruckers Mission Valley

891 Camino de la Reina

Go to:
to print the flyer you will need and money saving coupons.

Thank you to Rona Doll, PLHS Class of 1981, for coming up with this idea.  Many restaurants will give a % of sales for an evening back to a nonprofit organization.  Get together with your Pointer pals once in a while, and give back to your alma mater as you reminisce about old times!  Contact Kim if you would like more information about how to set up this kind of event to benefit the PLHS Pointer Association.



85th Gala Celebration News

Many people have asked us for information about the 85th Birthday Gala next Fall.  At this time we have a location and a date (November 13th.)  However, we still do not have a chairperson to coordinate the committee. In the absence of a chairperson this fun and festive event, that brings together generations of Pointers, will not happen. (We know how disappointed many of you will be if we have to cancel this very special event. The 80th Gala was sold out and became the 'must attend' event of the season.)

We are confident that someone will come forward to make sure this event happens.  But we need someone in place soon. If you are interested in being in charge, or would like your name added to the growing list of people who want to be involved on the committee, please contact us ASAP. 
619 226-4509 for more info.


Help students learn about PLHS History

Graphic Arts students are designing the cover of next year's student planner with PLHS's 85 year history in mind.  These students have been going through old yearbooks and Pointer newspapers and are curious about PLHS past. They are surprised to hear that many of the activities and spirit they experience on the PLHS campus go far back in our history, and are incredulous that the beautiful old buildings were torn down. 

The students have asked us to gather a group of alumni to share some memories of PLHS.  If you are able to join us for a few minutes on Friday January 29th (sometime between 7:30 and 10:30) at PLHS to speak with these curious students and give them some feedback on their design ideas please contact Kim at 619 226-4509


Parent Pointer News

In addition to the eUpdate news for Alumni and members,  we also produce Parent Pointer News targeted to parents.  If you want to read more about what is happening on campus at PLHS go to Parent Pointer.


Reunion Updates

The following classes are making plans for reunion events this year.  If your class is not listed it is because we have not received any information. (If you have info about additional class events please let us know so we can post it on our website.)  Check the website for updated info: Reunions

Early Grads:  Melanie Houser

Kathi@pruett.sdcoxmail.com               9/18/2010  Jan Pruett

           9/25/10  Kim Gestra

1980:  PLHS1980@gmail.com
           7/31/10  Lesli Kendall


         7/24/10  Jennifer Hreljac

1990:  PLHSClassof90@gmail.com
           Date TBA  Cory baker



We can't do it without you!


With the current flux in the economy there has been a dramatic reduction in charitable giving across the country. The Pointer Association needs your help more than ever to continue to provide alumni support, academic enrichment, campus improvements and scholarships in keeping with our mission of benefitting Pointers past, present and future. 


There are many ways you can help: Become a member of the Pointer Association,  consider a gift to your alma mater, sign up for eScrip, or get involved with the 85th Gala event.


The Bricks are in!

The final batch of PLHS Commemorative Bricks have been installed on the seat wall along the Chatsworth side of PLHS and the wall is complete.  The bricks look fabulous! This project raised over $22,000 for PLHS and we thank all of donors for their support.  Stay tuned for video of the bricks (so you can locate yours) coming soon.  




Deceased Pointers
It is with a great deal of sadness that we report the loss of  Dr. Robert Dalgleish, '57.  Bob showed his Pointer pride and commitment to PLHS by serving as a valuable member of the Association for several years. He was instrumental in developing our electronic database and an unwaivering advocate for carrying forward the valuable history of PLHS.  He reminded the Board monthly of the importance of maintaining connections with our alumni. 

In addition, we are sad to report the loss of:

                        Autumn Durst  '43              Robert Maners  '51                                                                      

                             Odin Thaanum '43             Walter Hegerle

  Frank Mitchell '43               Zola J. Saville Kunz '51

                        Pat Kelly Welk  '50            Tim Small '58 (just reported)

                       Donald "Rick" Sorben '62 (who created the OB seagull logo)


Once a Pointer, Always a Pointer! 

Pointer Dog




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