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Vons, Safeway or Pavilions
eScrip Program

The eScrip fundraising program allows participating merchants to contribute a percentage of your purchases to the school or organization of your choice. This is done automatically once you register with eScrip.

Vons, Safeway and Pavillion grocery stores are the major contributors through the eScrip program. THERE IS NO COST TO YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM. The stores make the donations monthly on your behalf, and eScrip sends the money directly to PLHSPA.

You may register with both eScrip and the Alberton's Community Partners Program.

New to the eScrip Program?
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Already registered with eScrip?
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New to the eScrip program?

If you are a regular or occasional shopper at Vons, Safeway or Pavilions stores, please consider this NO COST TO YOU opportunity to contribute. Just complete the form below and we will complete the registration for you.

Complete and We will Register You to Benefit PLHSPA
NOTE: No longer need street address, city and state.  Just first name, last name, zip code, phone number, email, and Vons Club card.  All  of these fields are required.
Just complete the form below and we will complete the registration for you."  add " This information will go to a PLHS volunteer who will register you with eScrip.
First Name:

Last Name:

Address 2:

Zip Code:
Vons, Safeway or Pavilions Club Card No.:

We need your full card number for a new registration. If you no longer have that card, please call Vons Customer Service at 1-877-SAFEWAY. They can quickly provide that number.
Vons/Safeway requires each supporter to renew support each year by November 1.  We can do this renewal for you if we have your permission.  Do you wish for us to renew your support each year?  - Type Yes or No

Please click 'Submit for eScrip Enrollment"' Button Once Only!

Already registered with eScrip?

Don’t recall whether you are registered with eScrip?

We’ll check for you. Send your name and telephone number to p_t_baker@hotmail.com

Or call Pat Baker at 619-223-9363

Please Donate
We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible as permitted by law. Consult your tax advisor.

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