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Class of 1941
From the records of the Point Loma High School Pointer Association
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Arranged alphabetically, last name (maiden name of females) at graduation, married name in bold.
Notations by name: "" deceased, "?" need address, "@" email provided
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Abbott, Marjorie Perkel Anthony, C.R. Anthony, Robert
Atkinson, Phyllis Kennedy
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Banfill, Dorothy Barksdale, Madsen L. (Otto) Barnes, Walter R.
Barrus, Marybelle Belt, Barbara Gilmartin Bennett, Edwin
Benz, Norma Schubert Blondin, Norma Hancock Boles, S. Wall
Burke, Lucille Radom
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Carl, Elaine Ainslie Casselman, Don Casselman, Richard
Caudillo, Manuel Clemeshaw, Isabel Kimble Coito, Manuel
Cole, Mary Bergath Coons, Beverly Gale Correia, Mary Martin
Coull, Clyde Crosby, Caroline Crowell, Kathryn
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Daun, Kimball Davenport, Mary Davis, Donald
Davis, Kathleen Snyder Decker, Albert Derryberry, Dorothy Gill
Dixon, Idalene Luce Donovan, Dorothy Eckert
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Early, Jeanne Lofgreen Emery, William Everingham, Walter
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Finney, Eva Jones Ford, Barbara Winans Foster, Juliett
Fox, Joe Fraser, James
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Gillon, Marie Bowyer Goeb, Margaret Graves, George
Gray, Lawrence Groeschel, Helen Saville
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Harris, Elaine Robbins Hawkins, Rex Henderson, Hannah Dale
Hervey, Tancy Garrett Hicks-Droske, Cindy Holcomb, Pauline Elliott
Holman, Barbara Gorrow Horner, Don
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Jacks, Grace Ahlquist James, Estelle Finster Jensen, Douglas
Johnson, W.
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Kunkel, Adele Singer Kuntz, Scott
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Lanza, Ruth Castro Leigh, Maile Jakus Liegel, Henry
Littlefield, Frances Gagola Long, Mary Cotton Lund, Louise Cave
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Malchien, Dorothy M. Kilgore Marshall, Walter Masters, Robert J.
Matchinske, Dolph Mathis, Margaret Barr McArthur, Betty Parchman
Mehling, Barbara Anderson Miller, Wanda Linthicum Monise, Arnold J.
Mitchell, Arnold Mueller, David  
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Nehls, Janet Whitaker Nicholson, Beatrice Norton, Joan Briggs
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Orcutt, James R.
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Parchman, James Parks, Rosalinda Durbin Plaister, Theodore
Plant, Edward
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Rader, Jack Robinson, Virginia Perkins Rutledge, C.
Ryan, Patricia Kelly
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Santos, Theodore Serrano, Georgia Drummond Soper, Joann Williams
Speissegger, Peggy Crane Stone, F. Sutherland, A.
Sutherland, Barbara Dall Swenson, Dorothy Steussy
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Taylor, Barbara T. Allen Thompson, Gail Murphy Thompson, Gloria Marguerite Harwell
Timmons, Joanne Masters Tobey, Earl Tone, Jack
Tone, Mary Shaffer
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Ursino, Ruth Palos
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Vay, Bryce Viegas, Naomi Ferreira
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Warner, Dwight White, Evangeline Condra White, Thomas Crescenzo
Whorrall, Myrna Waugh Wilhoit, S. Gregory Williams, Jack
Williamson, Elizabeth Willis, Betty Jane Collins Wilson, Polly Kemp-Wilson
Wilson, Robert Winans, Robert Winter, Robert M.
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Yoshimine, Carl
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Zeluff, Kathleen Wing
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