PLHS Alumni eUpdate
July 2014

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Dear Pointer Alumni,

Please read the very important information below as it impacts the future of the PLHS Alumni eUpdate News and Reunion Chair communications.
Thank you,
Kim Melhorn Jessop '73, PLHS Alumni Director

First, a couple of questions: Do you like receiving the eUpdate news 
from PLHS Alumni? Are you old enough to remember that it used
to come in paper format in the mail? (Back 
when we charged for membership and only 
members got the news.) Do you wait patiently for the next issue to 
arrive in your inbox?

Do you read it at work? (We won’t tell.)

At home?

At Homecoming Football Games?

We need your help..... 
to ensure that Pointer Alumni continue to receive the news that keeps you connected to PLHS, your Reunion committee, and your classmates. 

What is changing:

For the past 7 years we have been using Harris Graduate Connections for our online database and broadcast email systems…free of charge to us. This meant we did not have to charge a Member fee to get the news out and our connection to our Alumni skyrocketed! An added bonus is that our contact information now stays more current making it easier for your Reunion chair to find you.

Sadly, Harris is discontinuing both the database and email systems effective next month. The information in the database (over 34,000 records) has already been converted to a new system (see 'what else is happening' below.) You may have seen the info and new form if you have submitted an information update in the past few weeks.

What this means to you (this is the important stuff!)

In order for us to continue to communicate by email with our Alums, we now have to use a paid broadcast email service(This includes eUpdates and most Reunion chair contact.) We now need donations to cover the cost of that service. We are not asking for much (minimum donation by check is $2.50, online minimum is $5.50).

If you are ready to help, Donate on Line ~OR~ Print and Mail Form.

Read on for more information about why this is so important.

PLHS Alumni:

Please help us keep the email news coming to all Pointers!

We aren’t asking for much, but we need everyone who opens this to help.

Your yearly donation of $2.50 (or more if you can) will make it happen. 

Click here to donate online 
(minimum on-line donation is $5.50)


Click here for print and mail form
Check Payable to Pointer Association/Alumni News. 
(minimum check donation is $2.50 and 100% goes to the fund)

Donation Details:

The bottom line is: 
If we do not get enough donations to cover the cost of the new broadcast email system, the Alumni news will cease. 

Let's make this a successful campaign to keep the news coming.

We need all paws on deck!

Donate on Line ~OR~ Print and Mail Form

(Note: IF this campaign is successful, you will continue to receive the PLHS Alumni News even if you did not donate...tho we hope you will. However, if you do not care to receive the news anymore, and will not miss it, please click to have your email put on the Do Not Send list. We will leave your email in the system and provide it to your reunion chair unless you tell us otherwise.)

What else is happening with the new System?

For the past 6 weeks your Alumni Director has been converting all Alumni records to a new secure database system. Records are now updated via a form submitted directly to the Alumni Director. You will receive a new PLHS 'Dog Tag' number by email soon that will identify you in our system so the information is properly updated.

Current reunion chairs have helped with feedback as to what will best serve their needs. And we have added additional fields to gather more information about our alums, and historical data about PLHS. You will see more about that in the coming months.

Name that News:

It has been 'pointed' out that "eUpdate" is a boring name for Pointer Alumni news. So we are offering you the opportunity to give us your input on a new name. (Suggestions so far include: Paw Prints, PL Alumni News, Pointer Scoop, and PL Alumni Pupdate.)Send us your ideas (but remember to donate first!)

Just click….You know you will miss the news if you don’t!

Donate on Line ~OR~ Print and Mail Form

De tails (costs and benefits of the email system):
Here are some details about the cost and benefits of the broadcast email system....

o Alumni Activities and Events

o PLHS News (sports, academics, momentous events, school needs)

o Alumni News (congrats, big news, accomplishments, etc)

o In Memoriam (recently passed Pointers)

o Reunion News (who, when, where….and how to contact your chair)

o Photos and fun stuff

o Community news

o Links to other info of interest to our alums

Ok, ok! No need to beg....

YES, I want to ensure that the Alumni News continues!

Click here to donate online
(minimum on-line donation is $5.50)

Click here for print and mail form
(minimum check donation is $2.50 and 100% goes to the fund.)

Thank you!!!

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