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Class of 1933
From the records of the Point Loma High School Pointer Association
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Arranged alphabetically, last name (maiden name of females) at graduation, married name in bold.
Notations by name: "" deceased, "?" need address, "@" email provided
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Adams, Frank Ake, Rebecca Lewis Allen, Lois Crawford
Anthony, E. Anthony, J. Atkins, B. Lenore Anthony
Atkins, J. Anthony
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Ball, Norman Bassler, Charlotte Ferward Baxter, Ola Smith
Beeler, Mary Benton, Ralph Bergman, George
Bertness, Arnold Blackman, Edmund Bowker, Edith Collom
Burrows, George Robert
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Campbell, W. Clinton Chabot, Gene Chandler, Oral
Clapp, John Clapp, Lauren Clarke, Donald
Coker, Norman Cole, Ramona Peltcher Wisham Collins, Adele Mason
Conover, Elsie Muehleisen Cook, Richard Cordua, Harney
Couche, Julyan Cullen Couche, Norman Cullen Cuthbertson, John
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Danielson, Roland Dennis, Melva Sellers
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Eaglestone, Geraldine Sills English, Virginia Fletcher
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Felts, Wells Fischer, Arthur Forward, Robert
Fowler, Emmett W. Fowler, Lowell Fowler, Margaret
Fox, Joyce Clarke
Return to Top G Return to home
Gardner, Birdie Geiger, Charles Gibson, Robert
Goldie, Marjorie
Return to Top H Return to home
Hamilton, Evelyn Healy, John B. Henley, Albert
Heryet, Frank Higgins, John Hite, Faye Hancock
Hoover, Marvin D. Hoskins, Lawrence Howell, Norman
Hunter, Barbara Jean Hunter, Margaret Adams
Return to Top J Return to home
Jacks, Dorothy F. Hansen Johnson, Harry E. Justice, Grace Harmelink
Return to Top K Return to home
Kaye, Marguerite Keck, Nancy Goddard Keck, Winifred Dahleheim
Kettenburg, Paul •
Return to Top L Return to home
Lundin, Donald
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Machado, Frank Machado, Manuel Manley, Woodrow C.
Mason, Anderson T. Maurer, Leola Herms Mc Intyre, Olive Mc Ilwee
Metcalf, Julia Meyers, Merle Mixon, Doris
Morikawa, Anna Chiong Muehleisen, Gene Muehleisen, Robert
Murphy, Marcella Gilbert
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Newell, Ruth Bonner
Return to Top O Return to home
Olsen, Bernice M. Slingerland
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Pendlebury, Charles Penny, Claire Quiner Purdy, Leone Jamison
Return to Top R Return to home
Rhode, Bernice Dorn Robertson, Virginia Rose, Edna Tocco
Rosenberg, Luise
Return to Top S Return to home
Schiroli, Arlein Hale Schmidt, Lois Norris Schoening, Ed
Schuh, Cleo Sears, Martha Shepard, Percy M.
Shreve, Joe Simpson, John Smith, Betty
Smith, Madelaine Smith, Nancy Stalnaker, James
Stevens, Lois MacNulty
Return to Top T Return to home
Thomas, Peter K. Thompson, Aubrey Titus, Harry
Turrentine, Constance
Return to Top V Return to home
Vaughan, Earl Vye, John
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Wangrud, Marvin White, Philip Woodward, Harry
Woodward, Patricia

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