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Class of 1934
From the records of the Point Loma High School Pointer Association
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Arranged alphabetically, last name (maiden name of females) at graduation, married name in bold.
Notations by name: "" deceased, "?" need address, "@" email provided
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Adair, Ellen Alkire Agard, Anita Beatty Anderson, Lloyd M.
Atkinson, Margaret Pentecost Averill, Loraine Schmidt
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Barstow, Albert Bongianni, Arnold Bostick, Beverly Dean
Bowman, John Box, Frances Bride, Robert
Burk, Helen Burrows, Paul G.
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Cannon, Florence Lynch Carlson, Nan Wilson Chandler, David L.
Clark, John Clark, Tommyanne Ralston Cobb, Alfred
Cobb, Ralph Cole, Lois Middaugh Combs, Virginia Fournier
Cook, Betty Henderson Cotant, Mary Powers Couche, James
Crouch, Mary Lilly Curl, Harlan H.
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Dale, George P. Davis, Margaret Felts Diamond, Robert
Dodge, Leola Crivello Donovan, Dorothy Eckert Downey, Patricia
Duprey, Violetta
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Einhaus, Fredrick Emerson, Lawrence Ernsting, Marjorie Stooke
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Fenn, David Fitzgerald, John Fleming, William
Forward, Adele Hemgren Fox, Beth Coleman Fried, Miriam Weissmann
Return to Top G Return to home
Gray, William Greenwell, Helen Bergmann
Return to Top H Return to home
Henderson, Dolores Alt Horner, Jack Humason, Jack
Hundley, Madeline Hunt, Jessie Hyatt, Margaret Barnes
Return to Top K Return to home
Knight, Jack V. Kreizenger, Marguerite Lindberg
Return to Top L Return to home
La Nier, Iva Luciano Lavelle, Dorothy Lee, James
Likes, George Lindberg, Ruth Byers Lockwood, Vera
Lopez, Clifford Luffe, William C.
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Marks, Daniel Martin, Anna Burnham Martinez, Ralph
Mc Bride, Robert S. Medina, Fernando Meiers, Fred
Meiss, George Miller, Joe Morris, Stella
Morse, Mary L. Waddell Mundkowski, Helmute Murphy, Pat
Mustain, June Tombler
Return to Top N Return to home
Naughton, Charles
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Peltcher, George Pfefferkorn, Eric Phillips, Phyllis Ware
Pittsford, David Prodanovich, George Putnam, Mary
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Quinn, Frank N.
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Santry, John Scott, Robert Shoupe, Maryolive
Silva, Mary T. Medina Sloane, Barbara Smith, Edgar
Smith, Edna Frye Smith, Walter J. Southwell, Mary Roberts
Springstead, Charles
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Taylor, Laurrance Lord Thompson, Jack C. Thornhill, Geraldine Farlane
Return to Top V Return to home
Verdeckberg, Jack
Return to Top W Return to home
Warshaver, Philip Watson, Nan Tucker Webster, Olga Michel
Wheeler, Landon Williams, Charles C. Wilson, Louis
Woodward, June Johanson
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Zinke, Mary Kniazeff

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