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Class of 1938
From the records of the Point Loma High School Pointer Association
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Arranged alphabetically, last name (maiden name of females) at graduation, married name in bold.
Notations by name: "" deceased, "?" need address, "@" email provided
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Abel, George Abel, Harold Allen, Charles D.
Astin, Judith Ferrera Atkinson, Rebecca Prentice Atkisson, Clarence
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Baldwin, Barbara Baxter, Ann Bell, Fred
Benbrook, Ruth Kantor Bish, Fred A.W. Boone, F.
Bostrom, Avis Bowman, H. Boyd, Madelyn Dibble
Bradberry, Jean Cornuelle Bradberry, Phyllis Keen Brooks, Robert
Burdette, Madelyn Mehus Burke, Helen Wallace Burne, Glenn
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Campbell, Phillip Cannon, Virginia Day Clark, Alden
Clark, Jane Walker Cobb, Doris Hallberg Cobb, Stanley R.
Cockrane, Robert W. Cooper, Margaret Williams Crane, Elizabeth McCutcheon
Cuff, Virginia Kelleher Cummings, Frank Davis, Mary Jane Gunner
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Dennstedt, Alberta Dewees, Arnold Diaz, Beatrice Cruz
Dierdorff, Nelda Clements Donnelly, Thomas E. Driscoll, Moyna Jackson
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Einhaus, Margaret Emery, Sam T. English, Charles
Return to Top F Return to home
Faber, Bud Fisk, Francis Fling, James
Flores, Eleanor Diaz Fox, Rhoda Kreuter Francisco, Mary Rebelo
Fraser, Ellamae Frederick, Eleanor Froide, Martha I.
Return to Top G Return to home
Gamble, William W. Gangitano, Grace Gibson, William
Graham, William
Return to Top H Return to home
Hacker, Eleanor Hage, Fred Heller, Gordon B.
Herner, Walter Herst, Anita Macleod Hogan, Barbara
Hunter, Grace Phillips
Return to Top I Return to home
Insko, Mark L. Isom, Alvis Iuchs, Doris
Return to Top J Return to home
Jamieson, Leone Jessop, Elizabeth Kelley Johnson, Anna
Johnson, Gerry Sperry Johnson, Ruth Gault
Return to Top K Return to home
Karl, Mary O'Briant Keck, James Kelly, Jack
Kelly, Joseph Korn, Lenora Korn, Lindra
Return to Top L Return to home
Larson, Nils LeBarron, Harry Lehman, Joan
Lehman, Otto E. Leonard, Annabelle Stevens Lewin, John
Lindstrum, Donald S. Liticker, Pauline Weir Lohre, Grace
Lyman, Eugene Lynch, Virginia Grady Lyon, Victorine L.
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Macbeth, Jesse MacDonald, Elizabeth Jessop Maddox, Virginia Lopez
Madruga, Joe Martin, Cecelia M. Matson, Jack
McClintock, Frances Beamer McConnell, Frances King McGee, Katherine
McMullen, Mary Z. Drenning Medina, Ray Melson, William
Miller, Barbara Gill Miller, Isabelle Mogg, Alice Jones
Mollering, Jeanette Johnson Monteiro, Grace Morse, Jean
Moss, Bruce Moyer, Frank Moyer, Martha
Mundo, Barbara Bouque
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Naprstek, Marjorie Norris, Ruth
Return to Top O Return to home
Olmsted, Myron L.
Return to Top P Return to home
Peebles, Wade E. Peterson, Nancy Phifer, Bernadine Peoples
Phillips, Paul Piburn, George E. Pierce, Edith
Pierce, Hilda Pittsford, Duane Purdy, Laurene Conklin
Purdy, Leone Jamison
Return to Top Q Return to home
Quinn, Irene
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Robinson, Marion Smith Rockwell, Robert Rohde, Lucille Vick
Rose, Helen Labruzzi Roy, Marion
Return to Top S Return to home
Sakamoto, Joe Sakamoto, May Kurka Sargent, Annette
Scott, Ken Shaw, Betty Silva, Adeline Medina
Silva, Harold Silva, John Slater, Robert G.
Stalnaker, Hamilton Stewart, Vida Stott, Ken
Stratton, Lyone Stotler
Return to Top T Return to home
Tani, Icharo Taylor, Charlotte Rowe Taylor, Elizabeth
Thomas, Richard Thompson, Marjorie Cardwell Thornhille, Donald
Tierney, Thomas Toby, Winfield Tribby, Frank
Truitt, Eleanor Tullock, Katherine Tyler, Robert
Return to Top U Return to home
Ursino, Anna Smith
Return to Top V Return to home
Vierra, Rita Ballatore
Return to Top W Return to home
Ward, WillaMae Heitman Watson, Doris Watson, Jack
Wechsler, Philip Wickern, Shirley Wilhoit, Jack
Williams, Fred Williams, Stuart Winn, Paul A.
Wood, Marian Woodward, Charles G. Wright, Evelyn
Wright, Lelila
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Xavier, Gilbert
Return to Top Y Return to home
Young, Jamie
Return to Top Z Return to home
Zeluff, George Norman

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