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Class of 1937
From the records of the Point Loma High School Pointer Association
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Arranged alphabetically, last name (maiden name of females) at graduation, married name in bold.
Notations by name: "" deceased, "?" need address, "@" email provided
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Allen, Janet Martin Allen, Winfred Anderson, Marjorie Kerns
Austin, Jack Prodanovich
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Bence, Barbara Blevins, Betty Jean Christensen Bodmer, Louis
Bodmer, Martha Blair Boone, Suzanne Heller Bradberry, Charlotte Holberg
Bright, Elizabeth Fadenrecht Brown, Editha Galatian Brown, Florence Callagy
Return to Top C Return to home
Campbell, William Carl, Maxine Bedford Coyle, Doris McCracken
Cremer, Dorothy Hunt Cunea, William
Return to Top D Return to home
Dahl, Charles Damron, Georgia Darnell, James
Decker, Victor Diaz, Alfonso P. Dunbar, R. Salin
Duvall, Leslie
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Eng, Leona Espinola, Mary Ewing, Mabel
Return to Top F Return to home
Ferreira, Patricia Naegeli Fischler, Louise Fish, Addie McCloskey
Fisher, Dan Forward, John Forward, Marjorie Lutes
Fox, Thelma Groff Fried, Charlotte Schultz
Return to Top G Return to home
Gage, Dorothy Clark Gessel, Humphrey Golden, Robert
Gonsalves, Gilbert Green, Audrey Griffin, Lois Moring
Return to Top H Return to home
Hacker, Theodore Haigler, Frank Hammond, Barbara Macon
Harris, Ernest Harrison, Moe Hastings, Josephine Baird
Hayes, Dorothy Haynes, Marcia Healy, Barbara Stekly
Henderson, Bernice Kellogg Herz, Wilma Poland Heylman, Irene Robinson
Hickley, Nada Storey Hinkle, Mickey Higgs Hume, Harlen
Hyatt, Arthur Hyatt, Lucile Madruga
Return to Top I Return to home
Isom, James Iten, Frieda Iuchs, Isabelle
Izuel, Antonio
Return to Top J Return to home
Jarmuth, William Johnson, Margaret Jones, Alice Thomas
Jones, Chesley
Return to Top K Return to home
Karl, Louella Kearns, Pauline Cheverton Kelley, Elaine Bailey
Kelly, Julia Loudermilk Kelly, Viola Keswick, Harold E.
Killebrew, Lucille Kinnings, Ralph Kline, Turner R.
Knight, Doris R.
Return to Top L Return to home
Lamb, Katheryn Landon, Morris Largent, Jane Trussell
Larsen, Carl Lewis, France Conoley Lloyd, Everett
Lutes, Gerald Lynds, Marjorie W.
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Maddox, Richard Marlin, Melvin Marsden, Paul
McCoy, Howard Merrill, Ross Meyer, George
Miller, Scott Beemer Milligan, Hugh Mosley, James
Return to Top O Return to home
O'Donnell, Ruth Oberdorf, Reagan Oliveira, Odely
Oliver, Grace Crownover Orozco, Phyllis Foronda
Return to Top P Return to home
Parkinson, Harry Paskowitz, Dorian Patten, Virginia Holloway
Perlman, Robert Plant, Barbara Bagnell Porter, Stephen M.
Price, Mary Purdy Prodonovich, John Purdy, Marion Morgan
Puterbaugh, Raymond
Return to Top Q Return to home
Qualin, Joaquin
Return to Top R Return to home
Ramsey, Katheryn Robinson, David Rock, Rupert
Rose, Ernest P. Rotzler, Charles M.
Return to Top S Return to home
Saville, Eric J. Schetky, Nancy Schrack, Kathleen
Shutes, Richard Sieck, Charles A. Sigler, Alice Jacobus
Smiley, Georgia Johnston Smith, Arthur M. Smith, Helen Ayers
Smith, Jack Smith, Joseph Springstead, Wallace
Stalheber, Norma Smith Sterne, Martha McKnight Stevens, Alpha Castro
Stewart, Wilton Stose, Patty Wyatt Strohte, Norman
Sweet, Arabella
Return to Top T Return to home
Tank, Raymond H. Thiele, John Thuli, Marion Heller
Thuli, Milton Heller Tichenor, Walter L. Tschohl, Elaine
Tucker, Winthrop S. Tupper, C. John
Return to Top V Return to home
Van Gessel, Humphrey H.
Return to Top W Return to home
Walsh, Jane Walsh, Lois Watson, Lois Wallace
Weiss, Marjorie Burnham Werre, Harriett Isbell Wichman, Donald
Wimber, Lawrence Wimber, William L. (Wimpy) Wolcott, Paul
Return to Top X Return to home
Xavier, Virginia
Return to Top Z Return to home
Zoschke, Dorothy M.

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