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Class of 1942
From the records of the Point Loma High School Pointer Association
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Arranged alphabetically, last name (maiden name of females) at graduation, married name in bold.
Notations by name: "" deceased, "?" need address, "@" email provided
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Ackerman, Carl Anderson, Oliver Arnett, G.
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Bagalini, Wanda Lien Ball, Delmore T. Banfill, Richard Shaw
Beadles, Shirley Campbell Beddoe, John Bishop, Dorothy Garber
Bradt, Garrett Brady, Rose Payton Brenha, Mary
Bugbee, Elizabeth Burke, Perrietta Hester
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Cardosa, Arnold J. Castanien, Don R. Coats, Ellis
Connole, Mary Noren Conway, Donald R. Cook, John
Cook, Robert Coull, Clyde Craib, Donald
Creelman, Jean Driscoll Crie, John Crower, Wilhelmina Reynolds
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Davin, Carol Staples Decker, Florence Fraser Decker, Robert
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Everingham, Robert S. Evilsizor, Rupert
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Farrell, Mary Baine Holmes Fernandes, Arnold Fitzgerald, Marjorie Davisson
Fowler, Lloyd
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Gardosa, Arnold Giberson, Lois Olsen Golden, Kenneth
Gonsalves, Edward Gregg, Elizabeth Whitney Griffin, Barbara Covey
Gross, Robert
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Harvey, Kenneth Hegerle, Charlotte Slater Hill, Dorothy Gauntt
Horan, Patti Howell, Edgar P. (Tex) Hughes, Marian Caldwell
Huntington, Lee Huntington, Richard B. Huston, Clark
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Ingram, Thomas Irving, Margie Roulette
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Jackson, Flora Loh Jackson, T. Hicks Jensen, Shirley Titlow
Jobe, Virginia Howell Jones, Allen Joseph, Agnes Richard
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Kelley, Jacqueline Schneider Kinnings, Frank Kircher, Robert
Kissinger, Mary Smith Kreizinger, Raymond •
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Landon, Bruce Bradbeer Lantz, Constance Volz Layman, William
Lem, Roland Ludwig, Alfred Luis, Mary Balelo
Lutes, Phyllis Scripps
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Mack, Shirley Smith Malcolm, Dolly Belt Marlin, Jean Powers
Martin, Jeanne Guthrie Martin, Julia Roush McClendon, Barbara Champion
McElwee, Frank McManus, Thomas H. Medeiros, Raymond
Merritt, Milton Miller, Patricia MacPhail Molloy, Ralph
Morales, Donald
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Norris, Warren
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Padgitt, Thomas Palmer, Richard Peat, Laura Faurote-Holstrom
Perkins, Margaret Conners Peterson, Daniel Clayton Pix, Carol Vandegrift
Prendergast, Robert &dagger Pix, Joy Ward Pletcher, Jack
Price, Carmen Roberts
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Ramsden, Virginia Brown Robbins, George Roque, Ernest
Ryan, Patricia Boudreau Rye, George
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Samuel, Robert Sarrie, Donald Scott, James
Scripps, Thomas D. Shadbolt, Mary Hardin Sharpe, Ann Johnston
Shaw, Richard Sigler, Dorothy Hagen Starbuck, Jeannette Gue
Stewart, Janet Stockdale Stoudt, Patricia Molyneaux Stover, Evan
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Taylor, Edward Temple, Amy Ridpath Titlow, Ned
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Vay, Spencer Volz, Donald
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Walsh, George Warner, Jerry Watson, Maurice
Wedgewood, Bob Weiss, Marilyn Gruhler Whorrall, Beulah Goettge
Wilson, Dorothy Hacker Wilson, Melvin
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Young, Dwight
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Return to Top Updated: 13 September, 2006
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