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Class of 1935
From the records of the Point Loma High School Pointer Association
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Arranged alphabetically, last name (maiden name of females) at graduation, married name in bold.
Notations by name: "" deceased, "?" need address, "@" email provided
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Albers, Robert B. Albrecht, Maxine Dower Anderson, Lanette
Ault, Armond A.
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Barnhart, Sally Barskey, Stanley Beach, Kathryn
Berkheimer, Evertt Bostick, Bernice Hoover Boucher, Harlan
Boysen, Donald Brooks, William
Return to Top C Return to home
Cannon, Richard Carey, Belle Carlos, Diane
Carter, Wesley E. Claspill, James I. Clement, Toliver
Conklin, Rosemary Shock Connors, Florine Connors, William W.
Cook, Ella Cords, William F. Coyle, Harry
Cunningham, O.W. (Tom) Curtis, Betty Dose
Return to Top D Return to home
Dahl, Martha Dale, Allan Dale, Jeanne Powers
Davidson, Ester Demarest, Janice Staley Demarest, Joyce Saunders
Dennis, Laura Maupin Diaz, Elmira Dienes, Leon
Dillahunt, Stewart Dix, Donald M.
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Elium, G. Erickson, Martha Kuhn
Return to Top F Return to home
Fernandes, Harold Fernandes, Raul Field, Mary
Finney, Doris Liebrecht Fischer, Denise Fischer, Lucette Gaines
Foster, Edward Foster, Joan Cobb Fowler, Winifred
Fraser, M. Stewart Freeman, Ruie E. Fried, Ethel Licker
Return to Top G Return to home
Gage, W. Clement Gangitano, Catherine Airy Geiger, Louis
Gleaves, Charles E.
Return to Top H Return to home
Hall, Kenneth C. Heller, Milton
Heylman, George F. Hicks, Eleanor Kidder Horton, Lenard
Hubbs, Douglas Hughes, Virginia Mason Hult, Lu Wright
Return to Top I Return to home
Ingraham, Anne Insko, Myron Iten, Ottilie Bennett
Return to Top J Return to home
Jeffares, Alexander Johnson, Laurence Johnson, Theodora
Johnson, Vivian Jones, Edith Dabbs
Return to Top K Return to home
Kearns, Mary Hadsell Keck, Olive Potts Kennedy, Thomas
Kline, Vera
Return to Top L Return to home
Lamb, Mildred Larson, Ralph Lehman, A. Frost
Leonard, Bill Lillicrap, Virginia Hixson Lutes, Fielder
Return to Top M Return to home
Mayer, Boyce Medlar, Buda Merritt, Robert H.
Miller, Richard Milligan, Anita Doroshevich Mirow, Phyllis Stone
Moats, Rosemary Whitworth Morikawa, George Murphy, Rose Calvert
Myer, Rolland
Return to Top N Return to home
Neiswender, Marie Nelson, Josephine Gormish Nelson, Laura Kelly
Neumont, Lucille Carroll Newell, Marjorie Breitenbach Nunez, Joe
Return to Top O Return to home
Olsen, Thelma Hallett
Return to Top P Return to home
Peltcher, Jessie Moore Pinkes, David B. Plank, John
Price, Blanche Hayden
Return to Top Q Return to home
Qualin, Gilbert
Return to Top R Return to home
Rankin, Mary Ross Raynor, Marjorie Roberts, Coleen
Rock, Aegydius (Gid) Rockwell, Eleanor Kroeger Rogers, Barbara
Roldness, Reidar J.
Return to Top S Return to home
Santry, Bryce P. Schroeder, Naomi Hurlburt Schultz, Florine Connors
Seick, Lucille Clarke Shreve, Mary W. Haas Silva, Ernest
Silva, Gilbert Spitz, Eugene Stahlheber, Robert J.
Stark, Norma George Stealy, John Stephens, Gene
Stirling, Robert Strohte, Frederick Swanson, Marianne
Swenson, Loren
Return to Top T Return to home
Taylor, Manzanita Thompson, Natalie Steed Thornquist, Lillian
Tipp, Arthur J. (Art) Tribby, Marian Flynn Tschatter, Marie Miller
Tully, Donald
Return to Top V Return to home
Varona, David Vestal, Marjorie Henderson
Return to Top W Return to home
Watson, Virginia Hahn Weathers, Elbert Williams, Eugenia Yates
Winkleman, Ralph M. Winn, Victor Wolcott, Harriet Syren
Wordsworth, Phyllis

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