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Class of 1936
From the records of the Point Loma High School Pointer Association
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Arranged alphabetically, last name (maiden name of females) at graduation, married name in bold.
Notations by name: "" deceased, "?" need address, "@" email provided
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Adams, William Anderson, Lawrence
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Bailey, Emily Boyle Ballinger, Betty Frenzel Barksdale, Betty Bingham
Belt, Marva Bowlby, Phyllis Rothwell Bradford, James
Brosseau, Oswald J. (Buzz) Brown, Barbara Lawler Brown, Katherine Schoenherr
Bryan, Virginia Tye Bryans, Emery Bryant, David
Buckley, Patricia Burdette, Yvonne Pergl Burk, Merle
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Campbell-Shields, Eileen Furniss Canoose, John Casselman, Laurence
Chadwick, Florence Clark, James Clay, Horace F.
Cooper, Marjorie Urban Couts, Lily Scott Crum, Jack
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Davis, Carl O. Davis, Robert Dodge, Allene De Jong
Dort, Bobboe Jennings Dumont, Ruth
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Edgar, Alice Grant Emerson, Faye
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Faunce, Clarinda Finley, Noel M. Freeman, Elizabeth
Froide, James
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Gill, Edgar Graham, Mack Grimmell, Howard
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Hartvigsen, Austin • Hirzel, Juanita Howard, Dorothea
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Johnson, Gordon Johnson, Henry
Return to Top L Return to home
Leonard, Harvey Levin, Lucile Lewin, Phyllis
Linstrom, Robert Linthicum, Marjorie Lockwood, Norma
Lovejoy, William Lynch, James
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Main, Carolyn Rodrigues Marks, Mary Maurer, Rodney E.
McConnell, Constance Brillowski Medlar, Florence Mehling, Margaret Frank
Moore, Kathryn Radnovic
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Nelson, June Thompson
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Palmer, Arlene Cornell Parkinson, Gaylord Peebles, Roland
Pielop, Faye
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Reich, Jack Riehle, Frank A. Rock, Robert
Rogers, Doris Root, Barbara Rothero, Geoffrey
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Schneider, Caryne McClellan Sears, Buddy Settle, Joyce Dunn
Shreve, William Siegrist, Marion Silva, Hilja
Skinner, Nadine Geising Smith, Alfred H. Smither, John
St. John, Mary Jane Hall Sterne, David Stone, Harold A.
Sweet, Jeanne Ault
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Tank, Donald Thomas, Betty Picco Thomas, Joseph
Thompson, Mary Thuli, Janice T. Wilkinson Thursam, Norma Scott
Tichenor, William Tschatter, Henrietta Geisler
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Underhill, Barbara
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Vees, Carolyn Vensel, Leslie
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Werre, Alvin R. Williams, E. Wilson, Joan Howard
Wilson, John Clark Winters, Robert
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Ziegler, Robert

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